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100 years of Garfield High School Memories

Gerald Alfers
Class of 1949

My most embarrassing memory was my senior year when I was solo trumpet chair in the school band. Quincy Jones was working with Mr. Cook and the school orchestra and had composed and arranged a classical piece which was to be played in a concert. He asked me to sit in with him to play the trumpet score, which was fairly difficult. All went well until a section where it ran up to high C and I blew it. Still makes me cringe.

Jack Peterson
Class of 1949

Is it really 73 years?

As our 75th reunion nears

To Garfield a toast

I can say, not to boast

You shaped me and all of my peers.

Jerry Cohn
Class of 1945

My years at Garfield were just great and they became the backbone of the rest of my life My twin Johnny & I joined the Navy so our mother went & collected our diplomas. I played football & ran track during my years at Garfield. They were some of the best years of my life never to be forgotten

JoAnn Stover Spiegelberg
Class of 1947

From Montlake to Garfield was a big adventure and one of the best experiences of my life. I was lucky to make a lot of friends . We were a diverse school before anyone heard of such a thing. Our numbers are dwindling , but we are still here . GO BULLDOGS

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