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Lynn Jaffe Garfield High School Centennial Celebration-Event-Chair

Lynn Jaffe '58

Chair, Garfield High School Centennial


Greetings Garfield Community,

Over the past year, I have learned so much about Garfield High School. As the new principal, it quickly became obvious that I was embarking on a special journey with a beloved and revered school community.

Having completed my first year as principal, I believe with even greater fervor that Garfield is indeed a special place with a rich history of academic excellence, diversity, and activism. This history has given our dear Garfield her rightful place as an iconic  institution in Seattle. It is indeed an honor to lead such a place. Over the last year, I have engaged, listen, and learned, and my job going forward is to build on the foundation laid by my predecessor and focus our work on addressing our important challenges. One of the most urgent and visible challenges is how we engage and support the learning needs of students of color and their families.


The Centennial Celebration is an opportunity to celebrate both the history and future of the Garfield community. I would like to welcome the entire community on campus on August 27, 2022 as we celebrate our past and future. I look forward to seeing you there!


In partnership,

Tarance Hart, Ph.D.

Welcome Students, Alums, Neighbors and Friends of Garfield High School!


​After all the delays and rescheduling, and more rescheduling, of a pandemic, now we can say: Please join us live in-person on Saturday, August 27, 2022 to celebrate 100(+) years of Garfield High School. Come for an hour or two or stay the whole day. Find old friends; grab a bite to eat at one of the food trucks; enjoy videos, pictorial displays and entertainment by alumni and students; and celebrate the life and history of this
great school.

​It was more than a hundred years ago when the doors first opened in 1920. In each following decade Garfield grew and changed. 

​As the course of history unfolded, Garfield experienced the memorable challenges of wars, the great depression, civil rights, space exploration, technology, and rock and roll to name a few. While academics and student activities anchored the central educational experience of our school, it was the unique make-up of Garfield’s student body -- the multitude of cultures and colors and the understanding and life values
which emerged from within which made us truly unique. Today we are known across the nation as a school like no other.

​We knew it all along, didn’t we?

​And so we say with pride: This is what more than a century of growth and change, struggle and achievement, and purpose and pride looks like! This is Garfield High School through the years and today − and we couldn’t be prouder.

​We hope you will join us on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Everyone is welcome! Come if you were a student or a neighbor or if you simply read about us in the news. Come if you are curious or come because you are a proud Bulldog!

​We’ll look forward to seeing you in our tents on the athletic fields, and, as restrictions allow, inside the gymnasium, Quincy Jones Performing Arts Center, and main building. You will find a complete schedule coming to this site as the day draws nearer. Thank you for visiting us and hope to see you on Saturday, August 27th

Welcome to the Garfield Centennial

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