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Thank you Garfield H.S. Centennial Donors!

Thank you to the many generous alums, parents, friends and community listed below who have made a donation in support of the Garfield High School Centennial  Celebration.

Over $20,000

City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods

$5000 to $19,999

Roger H. Forbes

Michael Schwartz

Garfield High School Foundation

Garfield Golden Grads

$2500 to $4,999

Ellsworth C. and Eve H. Alvord

Jon & Bobbe Bridge

Susan C. Goodwill

Vivian O. Lee

W. W. and Ursula Moffett

$1000 to $2499


William E. and Karen A.Buchan

Schoenfeld Gardner Foundation

Carver and Carmen Gayton

Barney Hilliard

Nelson Kiang

Tomio & Yan Jenny Moriguchi

Franklin Parker

$500 to $999

Leonard Barry

Alan M Campbell

Berry Leonard
Gail S. MacColl
A.L. and Lucy* J. Sytman
Gail A. Winberg
Henry and Jennifer Mar
Herb and Lucy Pruzan

Neal & Linda Schulman

Up to $499


Mike and Sue W. Albrecht
Karla Anderson

Janet Baba
Maisha Barnett
Larry L. and Joan K. Barokas

Abraham Bergman, MD
Overton Berry*

Sue Billings

Marlene Blessing
Betty and Steve* Block

Henry M. Brashen

Leslie Burdick
Bruce G. and Linda E. Cadwell

Alan M Campbell
Bruce Caplan

Carolyn Carpp
Frederick and Rochelle J.
Manuel R. Cawaling

Jeanette Bush Carpenter

Vernell Chandler
Joel and Diana Clark

Leslye Coe

Dante Driver
Larry and Nancy Crevin
April Eng
Theldona S. and Maurice* Esko

Eddie Fisher
Rachel and Frank Forman

Robert & Carol Freeman

Sharon Franco
Robert Gary

Winona D. Gauge

Gary D. Gayton
Raelene Gold

Lila T. Greengard

Carla Greenwald

Judith Goslin Hall

Stanley Hamlin

Judith Hawthorne

David Hoppe
Carla and Howard Greenwald

Gail Arshon Halpern
David Y. Isenberg

Naomi M. Ishisaka
Lynn R. Jaffe

Marian James

Mimi James

James P. and Wendy Jaquet
April Jeng
Ginger Johnson
Marilou* and Michael Johnson
Melvin and Nancy
Pierre* and Gretchen* Jolly

Patricia Kanzaki
Maureen Kerschbaum
Ray and Marilyn Kihara
Sharon and David Kitselman

Joyce Konick
Rosalie R. Kosher

Linda Ramos Loo
Stephen J. Lundin and Linda S. Bondurant

Henry Mar

Leslie Martin

Susan Matsuo
Paula McCoy

Julie Meacham
Santina (Sandy) Meath
Tanya Mink and James Collier
William A. Minor
Paul and Wanda Miyahara
David Moffett

Ashley Nickles
Paul Oakland
John Pangborn

Carol Pattison

Betty Paulson

Allan Frederick Pease
Niels Povlsen

Susan W. Prince
Joette Proiette Kerl
Linda Ramos

Jonathan M. Rogers
Jerry and Sheila B. Sadis
Herbert A. and Marlene K.
Richard and Judith
Alfred Scott

Jack H. Seeley
William Seraile
Arnold Shain
Roger Y. and Janet Shimomura

Lou Shingleton
Steven M. Shulman
Dolores Sibonga
Robert Sims
Roberta M. and Michel* P.
Sue and Sam Tarica
Henry E. and Leah J. Turner

Stewart Umphrey
Nina B. and Rodney
Ralph Walker
Wyeth Wasserman

Earl West

Janet Woodward

Audrey Wright


Want to help make this event a spectacular success? Please consider donating as noted below:

Please make your check payable to:
The Alliance for Education


Note on the check:
"Garfield HS Centennial Celebration, Account number 01438"


Your check should be mailed to:

The Alliance for Education

509 Olive way, Suite 500

Seattle WA 98101

Or, just click on button to donate online!

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