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100 years of Garfield High School Memories

Michele Anderson
Class of 1983

Friends: Sharon, Dawn, Lisa, Eric (my Beloved Brother), KB, & Bobby (Math tutor: Khan) Teachers/Mentors: Ms. Shuh, Mr. Garnett, Ms. Acox, Al Hairiston, Coach Beck, Mr. McGowan, Counselor Mr. Solow, Mr. R. Davis, & Ms. L. Brown Career: Mr. Jeff Woods for Honeywell
job hookup Sports/Activities: Puppettes, Fun Run, Hot Link Fridays, & Volleyball Soulful School Spirit: 1982 Quincy Jones Auditorium with special guest, Quincy Jones, Mr. Acox - "I'm so glad, I went to Garfield High!"

Katy Irby Rindal
Class of 1987

I moved back east in spring of freshman year. I had some great old friends at GHS from Stevens and Meany, and new friends I had just met. I remember coming home in the afternoons from my new school so sad, and more than once our phone would ring and it would be my Bulldog friends! They would call me from the payphone outside the gym during their lunch period. They'd shove quarters in that payphone and pass the phone around and to hear from them meant more to me then than they would ever know :)

Cassandra Bowen O'Neal 1987
Class of 1987

My best times involved basketball, the newspaper, Marine Science with MacGowan (including Australia), marching band, and listening to LL Cool J's first album during lunch.

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