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Meet our Community Partner: Garfield Super Block

Garfield Super Block is a park for the people, by the people.

Located at the heart of the Central Area (and bordered by 23rd and 25th Avenues and Cherry Street), the Garfield Superblock is the community’s central gathering place as well as a historical city-wide destination.

Known to some as “Little City Hall”, the space pulsates with a rich history of events, people, and moments, which continues today.

The block is comprised of the Garfield Community Center, Medgar Evers Pool, the Tennis Courts and adjoining Garfield Park, including the historic Garfield Ball Fields; the Teen Life Center, the Quincy Jones Performing Arts Center; and Garfield High School Track and Field.

Check it out!

The Garfield Super Block Coalition shares a project overview video update

The goal of the Garfield Superblock - Park and Promenade Renovation Project is to confirm and implement the unfinished renovation work of the 2005 Garfield Superblock Master Plan. This was a planning effort funded by the adjacent Garfield School renovation (completed in 2008).

The Project design addresses recommendations from the Master Plan that were never implemented:

  • Grounds Improvements: Site improvements throughout the park to help support the overall park and amenities use and activities.

  • A “Legacy and Promise Promenade”: Creation of a pathway that integrates art and amenities that reflect the immense cultural diversity and rich history of the Central Area.

Thanks to the Garfield Super Block for its partnershipas we honor 100 years of Garfield High School!

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