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100 years of Garfield High School Memories

Sean Sylve
Class of 1993

My favorite memories of Garfield date back to 1989, when I first started. It was my freshmen year and I didn’t know a single soul. I grew up in south Seattle, Skyway and Rainier Beach neighborhood, but because my Mother & brother went to “The House”, I HAD to as well. I remember walking in the front doors and meeting a young Aaron Bossett, we exchanged names and he pretty much showed me around and introduced me to a few of his boys. At the end of the day, we all went down to the gym for a little after school hoop! I played football most of my life, but coming into Garfield, I wanted to “be like Mike”, so hoop was my jam! I met a few guys that would become life long friends. Ajene Robertson (rest eternally easy, my brother), Nolan Pinkney, Chris Darden, Bernie Mosby (rest eternally easy, my brother) and a few other cats from the neighborhood. Meeting those guys and them accepting me as one of them, was everything! We spent the next few years playing basketball at break, lunch, after school-until Joe kicked us out and then we’d go downstairs to the community center and hoop the Wheeler twins, Bino & Tyrone every day! High school were absolutely some of the best times of my life, it truly made me who I am today! I say this loud & proud….I’M SO GLAD, I WENT TO GARFIELD HIGH! 

Felisa Yasutake
Class of 1998

My favorite memory of Garfield is performing the Floating "G" during the football halftime between 1995 and 1998. It was epic.

Jacqualine Boles
Class of 1990

I remember the State Championship in 1987, our girls and boys won!! It was an amazing time.

Chundranae Finkley (Nicholson)
Class of 1992

All 4 years at the dawg hoz were memorable! I couldn't wait to be part of the purple & white bulldog power. Student-athlete, jr/sr class president, famous people gracing our doors, friends & all the around sport events were phenomenal. Coach al made history with his 5th state b-ball championship! I can not narrow it down to 1 memory. Being a bulldog...simply marvelous! I often say I bleed purple. Once a dog, always a dog!

Andrea Leon
Class of 1990

My memory is of Garfield's class of 1990 putting on a play to raise money to cruise from Seattle to Canada & back for our senior trip. We had big fun.

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